Luckily when I was first diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer I had a lot of friends remind me of things I once knew but had forgotten as I had started to become very conventional in my thinking.

I was lucky enough to have people give me cuttings from newspapers, recommend books and send me links on Facebook – all advising the importance of a vegan or largely plant based diet. If someone had simply said “Go vegan to cure cancer” but when I looked into it I found to my surprise that it was all backed up by science, yet it hadn’t even filtered through to the doctors who were treating me.

Based on what I was reading my doctors really had to be advising me to cut out eggs and milk at the very least and eat more fresh fruit and veg, yet there was not a word of this.

Many of us can’t be bothered with changing our diet as we are constantly getting conflicting stories. It can get complicated. Some say eggs are bad for you while others say they are healthy. You just get used to the idea that cholesterol is bad for you then someone tells you that not all cholesterol is bad; some of it is good. Many of us hold our hands up in despair.

I was like that but ‘incurable cancer’ focuses the mind quite a bit and I felt I had no choice to really sit down and look into this to make sense of it and to my surprise I found that there is a level of consistency that largely dispels doubt. There are occasional quandaries such as tomatoes being high in one chemical that helps to fight cancer but also in another that can make it spread. However these dilemmas are not irreconcilable and I hope that I can help you to get your head around many of them to help you develop an optimal diet.

Here is a quick list of the chemical components of your new anti cancer diet.


This is a most exciting aspect of diet for men with advanced prostate cancer that has metastasised to the bones