If you have been diagnosed with an advanced prostate cancer and are looking to take control of it by gathering more information then you may be finding it frustrating.

Most of what you will find relates to prevention and, at best, treatment of early stage, localised prostate cancer. Much of the research you will find is specific to that stage and doesn’t clarify whether it applies to advanced stages.

If you look for clear information about advanced stages then you will need to be prepared to feel your blood run cold on a regular basis because much of the information is about life expectancy and what you can expect in the remaining time you have.

However, that needs to change.

This website is for men with advanced prostate cancer who are looking for hope, who won’t just leave the doctors to try to fix them.

It is written and managed by a man who, on being given a diagnosis of incurable stage four prostate cancer, was given the opportunity to meet a man who with much the same diagnosis and who very probably should have been dead if it weren’t for the lifestyle changes he made. Yet, three and half years since his diagnosis he was in control of his illness and able to live his life normally, running his small business.

Taking control of your advanced prostate cancer

We won’t be written off just because most research is on prevention and early stage. Neither will we just accept the word of doctors who have very little training on lifestyle or who have a drugs / surgery bias fed by the pharmaceutical and medical supplies industry.

The aim of this website is to gather information on what men with advanced prostate cancer can do to help get back in control of their lives and to start living again.